UCF Dining Services and JTWC Tenants

All work orders for Aramark locations and Business Services personnel, partners & tenants should now be submitted through Fiix, our work order request system:

The button below is ONLY for University partners and personnel.


Students: Please use the correct tab header (further down on this page) to address your need.

Please use the dining membership form in the tabs below to request a cancellation.

Dining Membership Cancellation

The deadline to submit a Dining Membership Cancellation request for spring 2022 is Friday, March 18, 2022. Entries received after the deadline will not be considered.

If you are requesting special consideration for release from your dining membership, please complete this form in accordance with the following guidelines.

1. Complete this form in its entirety in order for your cancellation request to be considered by the Dining Membership committee.  Incomplete form and lack of paperwork will NOT be considered.

2. If your reason for cancellation is approved, there may be an additional cancellation fee that will need to be paid to Dining Services directly.

3. The Dining Membership committee is comprised of two University representatives and an Aramark representative. Committee decisions are final.

4. Exemption from the dining membership cannot be guaranteed.

5. You will be charged for your dining membership throughout the process.