UCF Shuttle Advertising Request

Are you interested in promoting your business to the UCF community? UCF Auxiliary Services offers the ability to purchase shuttle ads on a monthly basis. The ads are 11” tall by 36” wide and will be displayed inside the interior of a UCF shuttle. All artwork submissions will need to be approved by UCF Auxiliary Services, and ads will need to be produced by the UCF Print Shop. Costs for ad production are separate from the monthly fee.

Policies and Procedures

Prohibited Advertising Categories

At the University of Central Florida, we hold a high standard for the brands and businesses that we allow on-campus and reserve the right to deny or discontinue business at our discretion. Vendors prohibited from participating in shuttle advertising include, but are not limited to:

  • Credit Card vendors
  • UCF Logo materials
  • Eyeglasses/Sunglasses
  • Banks
  • Check Cashing Services or Payday Loan
  • Books and Textbooks
  • Restaurants directly competing with or selling the same product as our vendors
  • Bars and Night clubs/any Happy Hour specials
  • Tobacco/Vape Products
  • Legal Services
  • Services directly competing with campus vendors including, but not limited to, testing services (test, prep, and admissions), eye care, ticket sales, and select mobile services.
  • Beverages that are not Coke branded, including powders, juices, energy shots, Brita, Soda Stream, and smoothies.

Artwork Requirements

  • Accepted File Formats: PDF, Ai, EPS
  • Page Setup: To avoid text and images being cut off, please use a safety margin of 1 inch on each side of the document
  • Color: Document should be in the CMYK color profile
  • Resolution: Please use 300dpi. Document should be 36 inches by 11 inches
  • Fonts: If submitting an AI or EPS document, please convert your fonts to outlines